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 Saint Technologies

Reallock aircraft fastenersSaint Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1999, but has it roots since 1981. REALLOCK™ was developed at Saint Switch, Inc. to solve many of the problems associated with safety wire used on switches. In 1999, when Saint Switch, Inc. sold its switch and fuel pump lines, a name change was necessary. Thus, Saint Switch, Inc. became Saint Technologies, Inc. with the same ownership.

Reallock aircraft fasteners

REALLOCK™ was ReaLLock fastening device to replace safety wire developed at Saint Switch, Inc. to solve many of the problems associated with safety wire used on switches. Since then, the usage of REALLOCK™ has been expanded to many new applications including but not limited to securing: connector nuts, rod ends, bolts, nuts as well as all types of switches.
REALLOCK™ has been selected for use on many aircrafts a few of which are shown. REALLOCK™ was selected and continues to be specified for new applications because of one or more of the following features and benefits:

Advantages of Reallock™
Secures Clamp Loads
Redundant Locking
Not location sensitive
Easily Inspected
Reduces FOD
Eliminates costly holes in nuts and bolts
Multiple stations capabilities
Eliminates the safety wire
Reduces variable labor cost
No Special Tools
Meets biochemical warfare requirements

Reallock aircraft fasteners

Saint Technologies, Inc. continues to be committed to solving your application problems. If our standard product(s) won’t meet your application needs, contact us. We would be very happy to work with you to modify existing products or develop unique products for your application. Our innovative solutions can simplify assemblies and greatly increase your profits.